2013 - the year of crazyballs

Looking back at 2013 really makes my head explode... This has been such an insane year! 
This year I have been through soooo much it actually surprises me, beginning with my status on facebook that actually reached 200 000 likes, 50 000 comments (not very nice all the time though...) and 15 000 shares. How freaking crazy is that?! 
Now this happens to be one of the best and worst experienses of my life. I did get the chance to reach out to several houndreds of thousands people and help others with my story, but not without my phone vibrating constantly for days and getting a lot of criticism from people all over the world. I actually stayed in school so that I wouldn't have to go home and answer all the friendrequests, haha, thanks guys...;)
This whole experiense had several other consequenses. For an instance I actually had to fight to get some "fake-me"s away from the internet. Also I was recognised, not only in school, but on chatroulette haha! 
But enough of that part of the year, there was actually a lot of other things that happened this year. 
  • I actually fought my eating disorder! Now I eat like a man though but that's an other story haha!
  • I started my amaaazing fitness jurney and I've reached results I could've never dreamed of!
  • I realized I actually can paint - on my legs.
  • I went to Spain for the first time of my life, it was amazing!
  • My videoblog about different accents reached 1830 views! I was also informed that a teacher showed the video to her class during a lesson here in my city. Crazybaaalls!
  • I had unbelievable experienses with God during this whole year, I'm so grateful for everything I've experiensed in his precense! 
  • I met an incredible guy who turned out to become my boyfriend :')
  • I've become so strong, both mentally and physically. I couldn't be more proud of myself!
  • I lost an old friend of mine in a car-accident. R.I.P David Grönvall.
  • I got a new cousine, she's adorable!



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