On new year's eve I promised myself that 2013 would be the greatest year, full of surprises. I sure got the surprise part right. 
If anyone would've told me that day that my posts and pictures would spread all over the world I would not believe that person for a second. It has happened two times this year though, and yes, it has really changed my way of thinking about famous people (really hard to say without sounding stuck up, sorry about that). 
When I posted my status about my story as bullied I had no idea how much it would spread. Just getting the 2 first likes from my facebookfriends was unbelievable, and when the post got likes from people I didn't know it became even more surreal. 200 000 likes, 60 000 comments, 15 000 sharings and 3 000 friendrequests later I was overwhelmed, but devastated. I didn't want to leave school, being too afraid to start my computer and face all the hate. My phone was constantly vibrating from all the facebook-notifications and it all came to a point when I just wished that I had never posted that post in the first place. 
Comments like "You should've killed yourself.", "She was probably a bullie herself.", "She's fake!", "Attentionwhore!" felt like a punch to my stomach. It was absolutely horrible. I had never in my life prepared for that kind of "hate-attack". Luckily there was so many supporting persons, standing up against the "haters" for me. I can never thank those people enough, but I wish I could. It meant the world to have that support.
It was worse the second time my photos got shared all over the world. There were no possitive feedback, only mean comments, and barely anyone who wanted to stand by my side this time. I felt crushed and helpless, but now that I'm over it, all I can think of is the ones that litterally everyone knows and have something to say about.
Let's take Justin Bieber for an instance (I want you to know that I'm not a "belieber" so there's no sort of partial opinions here), do you guys think he ever thought he'd famous after his first video on youtube? Maybe he expected 1000 views, more or less, but things happen alot faster than you can ever imagine. And suddenly, you're there. You're famous and recognized and hated and loved. And every hateful comment hurts.
I know I've been trying to stand up for people on facebook receiving hateful comments, and I always get the same response: If she/he didn't want to get hate then she/he shouldn't have posted anything at all.". A little reminder to you people: A person never expects to become famous. A person never prepares to become known all over the world as they're posting something on the internet. Everyone is just normal people, doing what they love or venting about their life or whatever. They didn't prepare for people to hate them, so why would they think "nah, won't post this, might get famous."? Like get a grip, people. And besides: If you see a post you don't like and you comment something mean about it, whose fault is it that there are mean comments on that post? Don't try to blame it on the person who posted it, you know it's all you.


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